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McKenzie Flinchum

Trainer/Registered Dietitan

McKenzie has been practicing nutrition and personal training since 2016. Her background is in competitive gymnastics and karate. She trained gymnastics for 15 years, competing through level 9 and training through level 10, and she is a 3rd-degree black belt in karate. She also spent several years coaching and teaching these sports. In 2012, she placed first at the Gainesville Classic Figure Show, and for the past four years, she has been training and competing in CrossFit, with her first time CrossFit Games appearance in 2019, where she placed top 50 worldwide.

Since a young age, McKenzie has always been passionate about fitness and health. She dedicates several hours a week to training and still has a new goal to achieve. She has a lifetime of personal experience training at a high level and competing in sports. McKenzie understands the benefits of working out on both a functional and aesthetic level and loves to help her clients achieve those benefits as well. Whether her clients’ goals are to increase muscle and size, lose body fat, improve aerobic capacity, or to feel better and learn to move better, she is passionate about helping them reach those goals.

McKenzie has worked with athletes, groups, people with disabilities, elderly clients, and just your average gym-goer, and can accommodate for any level. Her experience in gymnastics, karate, CrossFit, cycling, yoga, swimming, running, weightlifting, and other areas of fitness has created a well-rounded understanding and approach to training. She truly enjoys her time with clients and the fitness atmosphere, and her passion and commitment to her clients are of top priority.


Registered Dietitian