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McKenzie Flinchum on Fitness & Training 

I believe that nutrition is to fuel our bodies, but I also believe that food should be enjoyed! Food is incorporated in so many different things, from eating out with friends, dates, birthdays, Super Bowl parties, holidays, and it should be enjoyed while also providing our bodies with all the nutrients we need (without excess). As for training, I know the benefits of physical activity, and I think it should be incorporated into our lives in whatever way we please. Some people enjoy long walks or bike rides, some people like climbing mountains or kayaking, and some people like lifting super heavy weights at the gym. As for me, I love the gym and I also used to compete in high-level sports. But if you like to run, go run, if you like to swim, swim. Depending on your goals will depend on how far out of your comfort zone you want to go, but I think people need to find something active they can enjoy doing too.

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