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Balance can be interpreted in many ways but to me, it is being equal. I found myself always striving to be balanced with my fitness journey. There needs to be balance between lifting weights and cardiovascular exercises, there needs to be balance between my upper and lower body and right from left. Even my diet is balanced between my proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables.

This past weekend was all about balance for me, but balance in a totally different aspect. The balance between fitness and family. Too often I find myself consumed by my fitness, letting it control how days and nights are spent. I don’t want this to be taken the wrong way, I love fitness, I have many goals and dreams directly connected to fitness and this is why it is easy for it to consume my time. Being so intrigued by fitness, I get lost in researching, following others, and building my own brand. This can relate to many other things in life. You always hear that people are too consumed by their job, by school, or projects. These can be both stressful and, in my case, non stressful consumptions. Either way, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

I had family come down for the weekend, so it was time for me to be balanced. I told myself each day that my fitness will be there when my family leaves. As they were here I made sure to still get my workouts in but rearranged the time I did them to not take away from family. Likewise with eating, not everyone in my family eats like me, so I was very open to going out and trying new places. That being said, I always made the healthiest choice I could to stay balanced. I am taking this past weekend’s balance strategy and making it a point to use it every day.

As my fitness journey continues, I will continue to learn how to be balanced in my life. I want my family life and fitness life to be able to coincide without one taking from the other. My advise for everyone is to do what you love, have fun with it, but do not let it run your life.

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