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Keep Your Nutrition on Track While Traveling

Do you find it hard to stay on track with your nutrition while traveling? Do you feel that you are going to “blow your diet” as soon as you get out of your every- day schedule? Many people feel this way, but it doesn’t have to be the case! The most important thing you can do is to look at your nutrition as a lifestyle and not treat it as a diet. So what to do when you want to keep healthy or stay fit on your next trip or vacation? As a Registered Dietician at Ocean Drive Elite Physiques, our clients often tell us that either take frequent trips or that they travel a lot for their job and they want to know how to maintain their healthy meal plans while on the road. So, here are 3 simple tips for keeping your nutrition on track while traveling.

3 Nutrition Tips During Travel

1. Pack nutritious and convenient snacks.

Meal prepping is great, and it is important to plan ahead, but face it, do you want to pack multiple containers of food into a large cooler and bring it with you everywhere you go? There are plenty of healthy nutritious snacks that you can pack as an alternative. Some ideas: pack fruits such as bananas, oranges, pears and apples that can be easily tossed into a snack bag. Trail mix containing dried fruit and nuts and seeds is a nutrient dense snack that can quickly satisfy hunger. Whole wheat bread or wraps with nut butter can be tossed in the car and made on-the-go. Dry roasted edamame and beef jerky are also easy snacks to pack that are full of protein too!

2. Pack nutritious and convenient snacks.

I know I just said this, but in this case, I am saying to pack snacks as an alternative to not packing ANY food. Leaving town without food on hand can set you up for disaster. What happens when you are 5 hours into your trip and about to eat your arm off and stuck with the decision of stopping at a gas station or fast food restaurant? You might end up so hungry that you don’t necessarily make the best decision either. It is much better to plan ahead and pack food to avoid situations like this!

3. Order nutritiously.

Having the “I’m on vacation, I’m going to splurge” mindset can be detrimental. All of a sudden, you flip the switch and want to eat all the foods that you typically don’t eat when you are home. It is okay to splurge sometimes and enjoy a greasy burger or make that “room for dessert”, but doing so the entire trip will not leave you feeling your best. When eating out while traveling, choose foods that are full of micronutrients. Micronutrients? Yes, vitamins and minerals. Choose fiber rich foods. Which foods contain those? Vegetables, whole grains, legumes…to name a few. Look for whole grain carb sources, such as brown rice, quinoa, or whole grain pasta. Choose lean proteins, such as chicken breast or seafood. Whenever possible, add veggies to a dish to boost the volume without many calories. Also, be mindful of foods that are fried or served with creamy or sugary sauces. The calories in these meals will add up very quickly!

Be Mindful

Overall, enjoy yourself while you are away, but most importantly, be mindful about your nutrition. Plan ahead and pack healthy snacks, choose nutritious options when eating out, and make sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated!

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