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How To Keep Your Fitness in Check While Traveling

I used to cringe when I thought about traveling and my fitness regime. What type of gym will the hotel have? Better yet, will it even have a gym? I would literally Google and scope out the gyms in the surrounding area prior to my trip and call them ahead of time discussing day passes, etc. Confession: I’ve even put dumbbells in my trunk, just in case. Yep! I was that girl. That got old and stressful. Quick.

Traveling is definitely something I love to do, but fitness is my passion, and also a huge part of my life. I had to figure out a better way to combine the two and find a happy balance between them both. Needless to say when you are traveling with your family, or significant other, it’s not fair to them to make your workout a priority over the itinerary of sights to see and explore, or even yummy places to eat! I don’t keep a concrete fitness routine when away, but I’d like to share what I have figured out, what has worked for me, and what also may work for you.

Travel Tips to Keep Fit

1. Use the Hotel’s Gym.

Even if it’s small, most hotels have a gym. Keep your workout simple and quick.[/caption]

If your hotel has a gym, you’re golden. Workout first thing in the morning and keep it quick. That way it’s done, and you have the rest of the day to enjoy yourself, feeling good about it afterwards. Short and simple is better than no workout at all.

2. Pack Fitness Bands

Fitness bands are easy to pack. Take them everywhere![/caption]

If your hotel does not have a gym, take your workout outside! I always pack my bands. Currently I am using TRX Mini Bands. They range from X-Light (extra light) to heavy. I own a medium. I also think its super fun switching things up and getting creative without equipment or gym access.

3. Walk Everywhere

Avoid using the elevator and take the stairs instead to burn more calories.

Walk everywhere you can! Skip elevators and take the stairs. Carry your own luggage. (I know, that tip sucks) But your arms will thank you ladies. Get out of your seat and walk the plane, stretch, squat, and be sure to stay hydrated.

 4. Explore your Surroundings

Get outside and keep active.[/caption]

Rent a bike and explore your surroundings. Go for a quick morning run and “lunge” back to the room. Walk the beach. Can’t beat cardio with a view. Just staying active on the go while ‘playing tourist’ will do your body good. It’s a beautiful world out there.

Fitness is a Lifestyle

That’s it…? It really is that easy! For me personally, fitness is always on my mind. Although, for others that usually travel with me it is the last thing on their minds. They want to be away, see, do, eat, and drink. Believe me, I get it! As do I. However, it is not difficult at all to stay active while away, even internationally.  Realistically it is not going to make or break you taking a few days off. But for those like myself, fitness has become a lifestyle that affects my mood and mode for the day. I don’t workout just so I can eat and/or drink. I do it because I am a big believer that a balance in health, exercise, and life is crucial.

If you would like a sample workout with scenarios, of wherever in the world you will be, I want to help you! So please, reach out to me and I will be happy to give you more specific tips and tricks, to ensure you have a stress-free amazing time on your trip all while staying fit! Then you won’t have to work so hard when you get back. 😉

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